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          In accordance with the proposal made by the Committee of Depositories on 17.07.2001 (Minutes no. 4/2001), the Professional Association of Registrars, Transfer Agents and Depositories has developed a Depositories of Russia database containing information about organizations licensed by the FSMC of Russia to provide depository services on the securities market. PARTAD depository database is easily available to Russian or foreign investors interested in depository services on the Russian Federation securities market as well as to rating agencies.

          In connection with effectiveness of the "Regulations for the accounts to be submitted by professional securities market participants" approved by FSMC Order no. 33 and Order no. 109N by the Ministry of Finance of Russia dated 11.12.2001 (below jointly named the "Order"), the database Application Form was brought into conformity with accounts, which contributed to reflection of a more complete information about registrars' professional operations and prevented organizations from submitting accounts in various formats to PARTAD.

          The Depositories of Russia database member card contains the following information: contact details (name, postal address, e-mail address, telephone numbers and fax numbers); license details (number, date of issue); financial position; affiliate details; management body details; services provided; securities deposited; technologies and personnel; issuers whose registers include the registrar as a nominee holder; and issuers using the depository as a transfer agent.

          We draw the attention of issuers whose registers include the depository as a nominee holder and issuers using the depository as a transfer agent to the necessity of using TAND (Russian acronym for Transfer Agent, Nominee Holder) auxiliary program to fill issuer card fields, which significantly increases the amount of information about issuers available to database users.

          When entering deposited securities information, issuer details are to be disclosed through RETAN database card. Information flows from depositories and registrars (Registrars of Russia database) are automatically united at this stage, which implies that the Depositories of Russia database is a module of PARTAD unified information field.

          The Depositories of Russia database is built up using information provided to the PARTAD in the quarterly accounts required by the Order in accordance with the Application Form. Changes can be made on depository's initiative within an appropriate period of time.

          A Depositories of Russia guide was published on the basis of information submitted by January 1, 2002, which included information depository service provider details. The guide will be republished on an annual basis.

          See the Application Form used to build up the Depositories of Russia information database under the heading "Software system". Please send proposals and supplements regarding the use of the program to PARTAD at info@partad.ru.



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